Content Guidelines

Exhibit is designed for photographers to quickly and easily publish an online portfolio. We are inspired by great work and want to help you promote your business and your art.

We're a customer-focused company, and as such we promise to treat all customers fairly and support everyone to the best of our ability. We also want to communicate our policies clearly so that you know what kind of content can and can't be uploaded to Exhibit:

  • Don't upload content that you didn't create or don't have permission to use. To protect the rights of content creators everywhere, we take copyright violations seriously.
  • Don't upload your entire photography archive. We allow you to upload a lot of content, but Exhibit is designed to showcase your best work.
  • Don't upload content for the purpose of showing it on other web pages. Exhibit is not an image hosting service.
  • Don't upload content that is sexually explicit or obscene. We realize there is a difference between artistic nudity and pornography, and trust that you understand the difference as well.
  • Don't upload content that could be considered threatening, harassing, abusive, excessively violent, or offensive.
  • Don't upload content that advocates bigotry or hatred against any person or group based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, age or disability.

You can report violations of these policies to us directly by emailing

Bottom Line

If we conclude that you're violating any of these guidelines, or engaging in any other behavior we deem abusive or inappropriate, we may take action against your account or site without notice. We reserve the right to remove any content, suspend your account, or disable your site, without any refund of any amounts paid, at any time and for any reason. We really don't want to do any of that, so please don't make us.


If you have any comments or questions about these guidelines, please contact us at